About the Cri du Chat Support Group

There is a worldwide network of families that provide support and encouragement to each other through various support groups, Facebook and Twitter. The Cri du Chat Support Group of NZ was specifically formed to provide support and information to those living in New Zealand but also around the world. It is a place to find accurate information regarding Cri du Chat Syndrome.

The Cri du Chat Support Group of Australia has always openly and generously included New Zealand in their activities and sharing of experiences. They continue to actively provide support to New Zealand families and have very generously allowed the NZ group to use their comprehensive information via links.

If you have recently received a diagnosis, you may be wondering ‘where to from here?’ This support group can give you access to a variety of resources and families who are sharing a familiar journey. The ability to connect to other families may provide you some comfort in the fact that you are not alone. The organisation Parent to Parent is also used to connect and receive support from other families with children with Cri du Chat Syndrome.